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"... she dramatically changed my life..."




"At some point in your life you meet someone who inspires you to be a better person.  They encourage you to strive for things you've always dreamed of and help you realize what truly matters in your personal life. Samantha is that person for me! She is a role model and one of the most genuinely caring people I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing. Samantha has given me the tools with her coaching to turn my dreams into reality and I couldn't be more grateful!" ~ Vynnette Jones from California
"Samantha is an extraordinary coach! She has been my biggest cheerleader. Knowing that I have Samantha in my corner has been a source of strength.  She has a wonderful way of listening to you and helps you understand what is distracting you from meeting your goals.  She helps me see things from a new and empowering perspective. Her guidance is helping me start the next chapter of my life. After working with Samantha I feel like the world is my oyster!" ~ Carrie Reardon from South Carolina
"Samantha is such a genuine and compassionate person which makes it easy to open up to her. She has this calming strength about her that just draws you in. Working with her has dramatically changed my life. Since having Samantha as my coach I am more mindful of the way I speak to myself and that has helped me with my fitness and business goals. She has become my spiritual cheerleader and mindset coach and I am so grateful for her!" ~ Amanda Brown from California
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"... extraordinary coach..."




"Samantha is inspiring and encouraging. I felt like she could relate to my struggles on my weight loss journey. I never felt judged by her. She is very kind and compassionate. With her help I lost 10 pounds!"~ Jennifer Guardado from California

"Samantha is simply the best. She is the best coach, trainer, supporter you could have. She genuinely cares about people and always wants the best for everyone in her life. Life coach isn't just a title, it really is how she approaches her world. I've been through a hard divorce, and coupled with my son's health issues, left me confused about how to continue. I was depressed and had shut down parts of my life that were too hard to deal with. Samantha took the time to really listen to what I was going through and helped me clarify what I wanted and needed in my life. She gave me tools but more importantly, she let me find my way while being the rock and foundation. I can honestly say I wouldn't be as happy and fulfilled without her in my life. She is a true friend who lives what she preaches. Always move forward, even if you fail. Because that means you're still trying." ~ Laura Sproat from Tennessee


"I had been looking to begin my weight loss journey with a cleanse. When I decided on the 21 day Ultimate Reset, Samantha coached me through. I had never done something like this before and she helped me believe it was possible. She was extremely encouraging and helpful throughout the entire process! She would check in to see how I was doing, offer tips to overcome physical and emotional barriers, and just simply to tell me to "keep it up"! With her help I lost 26 pounds over the 3 week period and I feel great! Coach Sam continues to be a positive encouragement to me, and I would highly recommend her as your coach!"~Cameron Stevens from California

"Samantha, skillfully uses the CTI tools in her coaching. Most importantly she listens, cares and uses the very strong tools of intuition, champion, challenge, and curiosity in her coaching. This helped me gain clarity in my goal setting." ~ Liz Lemesevski from California

"Before I began working with Samantha, I was skeptical as to whether working with a coach would make a difference in my journey toward better health. As it turned out, Samantha proved herself to be a wise and invaluable partner. She helped me take the struggle out of my weight loss challenge and this was truly transformative." Abby Straus from New York

"Samantha is a dedicated, supportive, and knowledgeable health & fitness coach. She's compassionate and understanding on the bad days and encouraging and celebratory on the good days. But above all, my favorite thing about working with Samantha was the amount of genuine heart she put into our sessions. She CARES, truly cares, about your success, and she's a true catalyst for change. I highly recommend working with Sam to meet your health goals!!" ~ Shawna Lander from Texas

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"... I never felt judged..."


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