Did you set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

Are you doing “okay”, but feel like you can use some extra support & encouragement from people who can relate to you?

Do you love reading and willing to take a new look at your journey to your weight loss goals?

This book club was created to serve women just like you!


I’m starting a virtual book club with one of my all time favorite authors. Maybe you’ve heard of her? Her name is Marianne Williamson and she’s the New York Times Bestselling author of A COURSE IN WEIGHT LOSS. Her first book A RETURN TO LOVE was a catalyst to my love for spirituality and personal development. Yes, she’s the same woman running for POTUS as a Democrat in 2020.

Her book on weight loss was written after prompting by Oprah. It’s 21 Spiritual Lessons for surrendering your weight forever. This is NOT a diet or exercise plan, this is a deep dive into your psyche to transform from the inside out.

We’ll meet virtually once a week on Wednesday evenings for 30 minutes to read and discuss a different chapter. It will be a safe place to share our struggles and support one another in overcoming the obstacles in our weight loss journeys.

You can order your copy right here and I’d love to have you join me. E-mail me at samantha@samanthakeith.com with ACIWL in the subject line and I’ll send you the private meeting information.

Let’s do this together!!!